corn tortilla chips or homemade wheat 

tortilla chips topped with burger, cheese

sauce, onion, tomato, sour cream,

salsa, and jalapeno.


Fresh Made Hummus

with homemade pita chips or

corn tortilla chips


Soft Pretzel

with beer cheese


Cheesy Bread Sticks

with side of marinara sauce

Small:                                    $4.95

Large:                           $8.95 

Beer Batter Onion Rings

Small:                                    $4.95   Large:                           $6.95 

Fresh Cut French Fries

Small:                                    $1.95

Large:                           $3.95 

Chili Cheese Fries

with chili, cheese, onion, and jalapeno

Small:                                    $3.95

Large:                           $5.95 


with hacienda sauce and jalapeno

Add Sour Cream or Extra Dressing $0.75

Cheese:                                   $4.95

Veggie:                           $5.95

Chicken:                                  $6.95

Steak:                                     $7.95

Soup and Salad

Soup of the Day 



House Chili



Greek Salad

Greek meat, onion, tomato, feta cheese,     kalamata olives, and pepperoncini peppers


Side Salad

tomato, onion, shredded cheese


Taco Salad

with choice of chips (wheat or corn), burger, 

lettuce, tomato, onion, shredded cheese,

sour cream, salsa, hacienda sauce, and

jalapeno peppers


Large Salad

tomato, onion, shredded cheese

Add Chicken                             $8.95

      Steak                                $9.95



Ranch, Blue Cheese, House, Italian, 

Hacienda, Greek